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The resort town of Poros


Poros, Kefalonia, Greece .... After driving through green hills and gorges if you are travelling from Agia Efimia and Sami, you arrive in Poros, in the middle of the "Poros Defile" a miniature version of the Tempi Valley. This wild, majestic terrain is associated with a strange myth which says that the indentations in the rocks are Heracles' supernaturally gigantic footprints, the arrogant hero did not deign to take the normal road to reach his destination.

The new Poros port

Poros, a seaside town, is one of the island's three main harbours. It has been inhabited since Classical times. It was renamed Nea Malta when it was settled by the Maltesians whom Napier brought here out of fear that the area would be deserted. The model farming community he intended to create never went into operation.

This is a constantly developing tourist area and offers the visitor a combination of mountains and sea. It boasts hotels, rooms to rent and souvenir shops. On the left side of the town near to the sea are modern restaurants and traditional small tavernas. On the beach, site of the harbour of ancient Pronnoi, there are volleyball, tennis and basketball courts as well as water sports facilities. It is always surprising to see how clean the beach is bearing in mind it is next to a port! Poros is an ideal destination for fishing enthusiasts as it is a rich fishing ground with many different fish species. Several cultural events take place each summer. The Poros Philharmonic participates in many of them.

he coastal town of Poros in Kefalonia

From Poros there is a dirt road, ideal for testing the capabilities of your four-wheel drive vehicle, which runs up the Atros massif. On its peak, at 535m above sea level, stands the island's oldest monastery, the historic Monastery of the Theotokos of Atros. The first reference to this monastery is contained in a report of the Latin Archbishoporic of Cephallenia in 1248. Although it is a steep climb it offers a unique view of Poros where you can enjoy the tranquillity and, if possible, the sunrise.

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