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The Melissani Cave Lake at Karavomilos, Kefalonia


Melissani Lake, Kefalonia, Greece .... Located near to Karavomilos, Melissani Lake is the most spectacular cave lake on the island. The road signs are ambiguous and the lake is nearer to Karavomilos than you would first think, within a few hundred yards off the Sami to Agia Efimia main road. The entrance is not clearly marked. (It confused us at first anyway) You will find it located inside the shop in the car park. You know when you have got there as buses usually block the road off!! There is a sizable parking lot so parking is not a problem.

Melissani Lake, Kefalonia

It may be 100 + degrees F outside but in the cave it is always cool and damp. There are boats waiting to show you round the lake. The guides' descriptions of the 20,000 year old stalactites are graphic and imaginative to say the least!

The cave is 100m long with a third taken up by the lake which is 100 feet deep in places! It was officially discovered by Austrian divers and opened to the public in 1963. However, the locals were aware of it's existence much, much earlier as a shepherdess had gone missing and fallen in whilst looking for a sheep.

The waters empty into the lake in Karavomilos. In 1953 during the earthquakes the cave roof fell in, creating amazing light displays on the cave walls. Between 10.30am and 1pm during July and August the sun hits the cave changing the colour of the water, the various shades of blue are then reflected off the walls. In our opinion it's well worth the trip!

Melissani Lake, Kefalonia

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